Motel Overview

Shore Winds Motel is small, 12 room motel that will make you feel right at home. You are minutes away from the beach, fine dining, and various attractions in Daytona Beach.


What you need to know:

· Extra-person charges will apply.

· Government-issued photo identification is required

· Pets not allowed

· Minimum check-in age is: 18

· Check-in time starts at: 1 PM, with early check-ins available based on room availability.

· Check-out time is: 11 AM

· 24-hour front desk

· All Reservations are Final. There are no cancellations or refunds.

· The coke vending machine is located outside.


We accept all Major Credit Cards

· Visa

· MasterCard

· American Express

· Discover


· Refrigerator

· Cable television with free HBO

· Wi-Fi

· Air conditioner and Heater

· Microwave

· Free Parking


We also have larger, kitchen rooms with all the same amenities plus coffee maker, toaster, range, and dishes etc.